The Mission TT-2 is a dual switch for both TS and TRS devices.


The TT-2 is compatible with a large range of digital amps, effects units, MIDI controllers and stomp boxes that support external foot switches. The TT-2 features a resilient metal chassis, and two momentary foot switches with a small click action for tactile feedback.

The TT-2 is switchable between TRS and TS mode. TRS mode supports two switches on a single cable compatible with devices such as the Line 6 HX Stomp, Eventide H9, Fractal Audio MFC, and RJM Mastermind. In this mode you can connect both switches to the device with just a single TRS cable, removing the need for Y cables or adapters.

In TS Mode, the TT-2 can be connected with two standard TS cables. Great if you want to add external switches to two different devices.


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