information on the Missionspace


The Mission Space is the outlet store for Mission and Stagecraft products. The store is run entirely by Mission Engineering Inc. Products on the store are mostly B-Stock, refurbished or discontinued items listed at a lower than standard retail price. The store includes products from Mission Engineering and cabinets from Stagecraft. Sometimes we may have some third-party products such as cables, and accessories.

How do I know what’s available?

We publish a list of available products on The Mission Space. Follow us on social media to see when new items are added, or just go to the store to see what is currently available.

Products purchased from the Mission or Stagecraft main stores are built to order, allowing you to choose the exact model and options that you require. Mission main store products have a 30-day return policy. Mission Space items are pre-built, so you choose from the available list. There are no options to customize Mission Space products.

The product will be a genuine Mission or Stagecraft product, but maybe B-Stock, refurbished, or end of the line. Mission Space items have a full warranty, but all sales are final. There is no return policy.

What type of products are available?

The list includes B-Stock, refurbished, and sometimes new products that may be discontinued or from a canceled order. Mission pedals, speakers, amplifiers, and Stagecraft cabinets maybe listed, depending on what is available at the time.