October 2021

Where to put your volume pedal

    The most obvious, and probably most common ordering for a volume pedal in the signal chain is simply to put it first: Take the cable from your instrument and connect it directly to the input of the volume pedal. Everything else comes after that. In this scenario, the volume pedal behaves very much like the volume control on your instrument… Read More »Where to put your volume pedal

    All about expression pedals

      Expression pedals are used to control variable parameters on electronic music equipment such as digital amplifiers, rack effects, stomp boxes, MIDI controllers, and keyboards. The pedals do not contribute to the sound themselves, but remotely control aspects of the device they are connected to. It might help to think of an expression pedal as a remote knob that can be… Read More »All about expression pedals

      Choosing a USB Power bank

        How do you select a suitable USB Power Delivery power bank for your high-power gear? USB was originally designed as a replacement for the various serial and parallel connectors for computer peripherals. Back in the mid-1990’s, portable computers were becoming more popular and the industry wanted a standard interface that used a smaller connector. As well as carrying data, USB… Read More »Choosing a USB Power bank